young fitness black woman runner stretching legs after run healthy Tina was 281 pounds when her doctor told her that she could expect to live only another five years due to health complications from obesity. Having lost her own mother at age 39 from obesity and diabetes, she knew she had to make a change not only for herself, but for her children. At age 32, Tina decided to make that change. The first step in her weight loss journey began when she underwent the LAP band procedure.

Now, six years later, Tina has lost 134 pounds and has incorporated exercise and a healthy diet in her daily routine. Before her surgery, Tina needed an insulin pump to manage her diabetes. She also had a bypass heart surgery at the age of 27 and within only four years required a stent inserted into another blocked vessel. In addition, she suffered from Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), a circulatory condition in which narrowed blood vessels reduce blood flow to the limbs.

Now, Tina only has to take oral medication for her diabetes, and her PVD is under control. For the first time in her life, her doctors are actually describing her as healthy. She now has the energy to spend time with her family and go back to school. Bariatric surgery truly gave Tina her life back.

Tina’s story is like the stories of many other people who have experienced the benefits of weight loss surgery. If you are struggling with poor health related to obesity, you should know that there is hope. At A Better Weigh Center, our caring medical professionals can help you review which weight loss options are best suited to help you reach your goals. At our Dallas office, we offer services including bariatric surgery,medical weight lossexercise therapygastric bypassgastric sleeveLAP bandrevision surgery, and more. Led by Board Certified surgeon Dr. Franchell Hamilton, our team is committed to improving your health and wellness.

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