Recently, the University of Michigan conducted a new study, which proves that the skill level of weight-loss surgeons does not have a significant impact on lasting outcomes of bariatric surgery patients. To determine the outcome, Dr. Christopher Scally and his team gathered information regarding more than 3,600 gastric bypass patients whose surgeries were performed by one of 20 various bariatric doctors.

During the study, experts assessed the skill level of each surgeon by viewing videos of each doctor performing bariatric operations. Results proved that the doctors who had an average of 11 years of surgery experience ranked in the lowest and highest levels. According to the study, a year after their procedures, there were no differences in health issues or significant weight loss differences in those patients whose surgeries were performed by the lowest or highest ranked surgeons.

Additionally, the study proves that patients who underwent surgeries performed by the lowest ranked doctors had higher improvement rates in diabetes than those persons who underwent surgeries performed by the highest-ranked doctors. According the Dr. Scally, “Long-term outcomes after bariatric surgery may be more dependent on other factors not yet measured among patients, hospitals or surgeons.”

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