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Insufficient Weight Loss & Significant Weight Gain After Surgery

When medical weight loss surgery is unsuccessful, either because a significant amount of weight is gained back or not enough weight has been lost, revision surgery can be performed. We at A Better Weigh Center understand how frustrating it can be for individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery and have not obtained desired results. We have the training to provide effective revision surgery services in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX. We will help you determine the reasons why your initial surgery was unsuccessful in order to ensure that your revision surgery is effective.

Some revision surgery options include:

  • Reconstructing the anatomical structure created by the first surgery
  • Switching to a more metabolically appropriate medical weight loss procedure

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Weight Loss Surgery Center Staffed with Board Certified Surgeons
Our center is staffed my medical weight loss experts who are highly skilled within the field of bariatric surgery. We perform bariatric surgeries laparoscopically because it is less invasive and helps our patients heal faster. We work together in order to provide comprehensive medical weight loss plans for our patients.

Our talented medical weight loss staff includes:

Board certified surgeons
Registered dietitian / nutritionist
Certified personal trainer

Shed the Pounds with the Help of A Better Weigh Center

If you would like to obtain more information about revision surgery, we would be happy to answer your questions, in person or over the phone. Our Dallas weight loss surgery center has a reputation for providing excellent service to all of our patients. We are genuinely interested in helping our patients meet their weight loss goals for the sake of their overall health and well-being.

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