Research shows that nearly half of diabetic, obese patients who undergo bariatric surgery achieve remission from Type 2 Diabetes. For many, the results for remission occur before weight loss and can lasts for years.

According to a study published by The United States National Library of Medicine, 19 out of 38 bariatric surgery patients remained diabetes-free for 5 years after bariatric surgeries. Of those 38 people, 37% underwent gastric bypass surgery. The remaining 63% under-went a different bariatric procedure referred to as biliopancreatic diversion.

After surgery, healthcare professionals monitored the following factors:

  • Glycemic and metabolic control
  • Cardiovascular risk
  • Medication use
  • Quality of life
  • Long-term complication

Additionally, medical experts noticed that persons who underwent bariatric surgical procedures saw a significant lower amount of the following factors:

  • Plasma lipids
  • Cardiovascular problems and risks
  • Use of medication

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