Recently, a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that many individuals seeking bariatric surgery suffer from various types of mental health conditions, such as binge eating disorder and depression. The study sought to discover whether bariatric patients suffering from mental conditions would see a decrease in their mental health conditions following bariatric procedures. The results varied.

The Study

To complete the study, researchers gathered information about a large number of bariatric patients before and after bariatric surgeries. The most prevalent mental health conditions among the patients were the following:

  • 19% suffered from depression before bariatric surgical procedures
  • 17% suffered from binge eating disorder before bariatric surgical procedures

After bariatric surgical procedures, many patients suffering from depression saw a decrease in their mental health conditions. Although bariatric surgeries seemed to help depression-prone patients more, some patients suffering from binge eating disorder also saw a decrease in their binge eating habits.

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