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At A Better Weigh Center, we perform various kinds of bariatric surgeries, or weight loss surgeries, to help our patients lead healthier lives. When exercise and dieting doesn’t help a person lose weight, bariatric surgery may be the most effective way of treating obesity. If you have been struggling with obesity, our team of medical weight loss professionals can help you determine what kind of bariatric surgery is right for you. Your medical history and weight loss goals are some of the factors that will be taken into consideration.

Some examples of the bariatric surgeries we perform include:

Potential candidates for bariatric surgery include individuals who suffer from obesity-related hypertension, arthritis, sleep apnea, and diabetes. Losing weight can help facilitate treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. For example, weight loss can ease tension on joints for those who suffer from arthritis.


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Minimally Invasive & Highly Effective


While the notion of bariatric surgery may seem invasive, our center performs these surgeries laparoscopically. By narrowing the surgical site and relying on small cameras, we can minimize scarring. Laparoscopic surgeries also result in faster recovery times. Our board certified surgeons have extensive training in minimally invasive bariatric surgery.


What is the recovery time for bariatric surgery in Dallas?


Every patient is different, so it is impossible to predict the exact time it will take to recover. However, because bariatric surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, bariatric surgery recoveries are generally shorter than invasive surgeries. Many patients, if not most, are out of the hospital in two or three days, driving after ten days, and back at work in roughly two weeks. Learn more about the recovery process, speak with our Dallas bariatric surgeon.

Tips for an effective recovery

Follow your doctor’s diet plan carefully
Don’t lift heavy items for at least six weeks
When you shower, be careful near the incision
Keep your follow-up appointments with your doctor
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If you are considering bariatric surgery to lose weight, our bariatric surgery center in Dallas / Fort Worth is here to help you understand more about what this kind of surgery involves. We also offer exercise therapy and nutritional guidance so that our patients can keep off the weight after bariatric surgery. If you are not sure if bariatric surgery is right for you, we can help you determine if you are a good candidate for medical weight loss.

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