Recently, a study has shown that patients suffering from obesity see dramatic decreases in healthcare expenses after undergoing gastric bypass surgeries. In fact, many of these patients have witnessed a 40% decrease in costs during the first four years following their procedures. Patients who suffered from type 2 diabetes prior to surgery saw a roughly 80% decrease after gastric bypass surgery.

Why Did Medical Expenses Decrease for Patients After Gastric Bypass?

When an individual suffers from extreme obesity or other medical conditions such as type 2 diabetes, that person may be responsible for paying a large amount of medical expenses due to the following:

  • Clinic visits
  • Hospital admissions
  • Costly prescription drugs
  • Various forms of therapy

On average, patients who underwent surgery saw a constant decrease in healthcare costs over the course of four years following surgery. During the first year, expenses dropped by 12%. By year two, costs had decreased by 28%, the third year by 37%, and the fourth year by 35%. The study concludes that the trend toward decreased expenses is expected to continue for patients who undergo gastric bypass surgeries while healthcare costs are expected to increase for non-surgical individuals.

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