Overweight female teen woman on campusA recent U.S. study suggests that weight loss surgery may help obese teens experience relief from debilitating pain. Researchers looked at the timed walking tests and pain surveys of more than 200 obese teens after bariatric surgery. Their findings showed that not only did the weight loss procedure improve body weight, but it also improved walking speed and heart rate and reduced pain levels.

Most of the teens involved in the study were females around the age of 17 years old with average BMIs of 50 or above, putting them in the most severe category of obesity. The participants completed timed walking tests before surgery and during recovery at the six, 12, and 24 month marks. Researchers monitored the participants’ heart rates as they completed these walking tests and surveyed them about their levels of pain. After 24 months, the participants saw significant decreases in the time it took to complete the walking tests and better cardiovascular tolerance.

Obesity greatly increases an individual’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, joint disorders, kidney disease, and certain cancers. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, one in five U.S. teens suffer from obesity.

If you or a loved one is struggling with obesity and is experiencing tiredness and pain when walking, talk to our Dallas weight loss professionals about bariatric surgery. We’d be happy to meet with you for a consultation to go over the many benefits of weight loss surgery and which procedure may work best for you. In addition to surgery, we can talk to you about how our personalized diet and exercise plans can help you make the most out of your treatment.

Here are some bariatric surgery and non surgical options:

Gastric bypass
Gastric sleeve
LAP band
Dual Balloon
Medical Weight Loss

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